The College is situated in Dromcollogher  which is on the edge of the Golden Vale, 11 miles from Newcastle West, Co. Limerick  and 12 miles from Charleville, Co Cork.  Our facilities include:

Two acres of Organic Gardens with polytunnels.  This gives students the opportunity of growing vegetables using modern farm machinery on a field scale. It also features a no dig area where trials are conducted on how to grow vegetables without turning the soil.

Class Rooms

Computer Room: Our computer room enables word processing and internet access for all students. We have a fast broadband link with good up and down capacity.

Library /Study Room:  We have a small library with excellent Organic and Sustainability books. This is used by the students for referencing and information to help them with their modules. It also provides a good space for study or working on projects etc.

Metal Work: Our Metal Woork room has a variety of tools to help with projects that the students learn. The tutor is Tom Quinlan- B.Tech Ed. Tom is a graduate of Thomond College, Limerick with a B.Tech. Ed.

Food Preparation Kitchen: The Food Preparation kitchen is used by all students, it is mainly used for the making of  preserves, Fermenting and for special events and occasions.  In here students learn the importance of Hygiene and Food processing.

Seed/Propagation Room: These rooms are used for the process of growing our own vegetables to be later transplanted into our gardens. Successful propagation of these delicate young plants is essential to continued growing success. Young plants have different environmental and feeding requirements to full grown plants and high success rates, rapid rooting times and strong early growth will all require slightly different feeds, boosters and lighting.

Quiet Room: This room is intended to fulfill students physical and spiritual. A multipurpose space, the room is used for relief from stress and over-stimulation, meditation, yoga, reading quietly and group study.

Market Room: Each week we take preserves, fruit and vegetables to different local markets. The Enterprise students take care of this area and learn how to produce, market and sell their produce to the general public. All their seasonable produce is got together in this room and put together in boxes to be sold.

The Gym: This building is used for a wide variety of activities.  It is used as a relaxation exercise area during the winter months (during lunch break) for students e.g. Badminton. It is also used as a  function area i.e. Graduation Ceremony, Open Days and any other big events.  Next to this area there is a kitchen where students can have their lunch or a cup of tea/coffee while relaxing or studying.