Frequent qestions about DL.

1.  Are there weekly online classes?

No.  Distance learning allows students to set their own schedule as to when they study the module notes each week.  There will be occasional zoom classes but the majority of the course content is delivered through our website. 

2.  What way is the course material delivered? 

The course material is uploaded through the website each week from the end of October until the end of March.  Students can read the weekly material and do any assignments etc. in their own time . In addition there are 6 practical days throughout each year of the two year programme, which combine classroom learning with practical outdoor activities. 

3.  Do I need to attend the practical days at the college?

It is not compulsory  for students to attend all practical days.  However, we do encourage students to attend these sessions as they not only help to put the course material into practice, they also allow students to connect with others on the course and form a supportive learning community.

4.  Are there exams for this course?

Yes.  In order to gain certification for each module, students are required to sit exams on site at the college.  Exams usually take place over two weekend days in early May.  

5.  What  qualification I get from doing this course?

Once you complete the two years of the Distance learning programme (all nine modules), you will receive a QQI Level 5 Common Award in Horticulture.

6.  Can I do all nine modules in one year?

No.  The course is structured to accommodate part-time learning and to allow students to get the best experience from the course.  This part-time structure allows sufficient time for both the theory and practical home-based growing elements of the course.  

7.  Will I have to do work placement?

Yes.  In Year 2 students do a Work Practice module.  Part of the assessment for this module involves 15 days placement on an organic farm of your choice. 

8.  Can I get equivalency certification for the Green Cert by doing this Distance Learning QQI  level 5 course in Horticulture?

No. To get equivalency for the Green Cert, students are required to do a QQI level 6 accredited course.   The level 5 Certificate in Horticulture does not give equivalency.  

The Organic College does offer a QQI Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Horticulture as a day course, which can be used to gain equivalency for the Green Cert.  However, this course  is not currently offered through Distance learning.