Congratulations to everyone who received certificates last night.  It was a great night all round and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  Many thanks to the first year students who cooked and catered the food last night.

Guest speakers:

Peter Ward – Mr. Sean Burke Co. Limerick VEC, Mr. Brendan Burke Principle Hazelwood College, Councilor Mary Jackman, Mr. Jim McNamara Director of Education An t-Ionad Glas, Dr. Sinead Neiland Chairperson of IOFGA,  Mr. Tom Atkins Distance Learning Coordinator, Mr. Dan Harrold represented all the students.

Mr. Peter Ward is a well known consultant and artisan food producer and retailer at Country Choice Café and Deli in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  He spoke about the importance of supporting our Organic Grower.  He complemented Jim McNamara and Sinead Neiland on the development of An t-Ionad Glas and how the college supports past and present students.

Mr. Brendan Burke complemented all the students and spoke about all the hard work involved in getting these certificates.  He spoke about the importance of learning at any age and how this would help people in any area of choice.

Mr. Sean Burke spoke about the importance of the college and how important it is for people to go back into education to further their skills. He congratulated Jim McNamara on founding the College back in 1981 and how much dedication it has taken to keeping the standard so high.  Every student that attends the college leaves with a knowledge of Organics and how to promote your own business.

Councilor Mary Jackman, Congratulate both Jim McNamara and the Board of Management on the tremendous work that the College has carried out.  She also said it was a great to see so many students receiving Certificates, and that it is great to see such a thriving sector.

Mr. Tom Atkins congratulated Jim McNamara on the development of the college and all the work it has entailed to get it as successful as it is, he also spoke about how easy it is to learn about organic growing and sustainability without giving up your existing commitments. Experience shows that distance learning courses build community spirit across large geographical areas as people share their experiences with fellow students using the discussion groups and by meeting each other on the practical parts of the courses. This ‘community building’ and ‘knowledge sharing’ complements our work on sustainability and helps to bring people together who may otherwise feel isolated by their location. We’re very excited about the potential for distance learning in the organic and sustainability sector and look forward to giving many more people the chance to gain the qualifications they want.

Graduation Ceremony 2011