Late this evening we heard the tragic news of the death of Sister Paula Buckley, our sympathies sr-paula-buckley-431x500and thoughts go to her family and friends. Sister Paula  was a great friend of our College and and inspiration to everyone.  Sr Paula and her friend Sr Imelda were attached to Nano Nagle Centre. Both sisters were while part of  the Presentation Congregation were big into Organics and Sustainable Living. The 32 acres of land at Ballygriffin have been farmed organically since 1999.  The produce is used at the Centre with the surplus being sold locally and at the Killavullen Farmers’ Market.  ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ has become a natural way of life for the staff and community at the Centre.  Open days and courses are offered on an on-going basis to support and encourage all who wish to engage in this way of life.

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Sister Paula Buckley