Learn how to 2016-10-05_152830make some amazing fermented foods in this informal two hour workshop. Fermenting increases the nutritional profile of your food, turning them into delicious probiotic foods.  These foods boost your digestive system by populating your gut with essential good flora. A healthy gut is essential for a strong and healthy immune system and gives you great energy too. Eating fermented foods will aid digestion, boost immunity, improve circulation and help you sleep better. In this class I will make

Apple Cider Vinegar – great for digestive and joint health, made from our own apples

Sauerkraut – a world famous German food, busrting with Vitamin C

Pickled vegetables – easy and delicious

Spicy Kimchi – a popular Korean condiment and very popular with the Irish palate

None of these foods require special starter cultures and you will be able to make them at home with no special equipment.

Date: October  22

Introduction to fermenting foods by Valerie O’Connor